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COVID-19 Update: Our physical locations are closed to the public. Services are available online and by phone. Students may sign in to Navigate to book an appointment. 

You can contact Campus Police on each campus using the following contact information:

*If you or someone else are in immediate danger, dial 911*

Email Address:

Karen Houchens

Campus Location and Contact information:

Fredericksburg Campus
 (540) 891-3079
 (540) 834-1079
 (540) 710-2092
 Location information

Daniel Technology Center
 (540) 937-2920
 (540) 937-2918
 Location information

Locust Grove Campus
 (540) 423-9044
 (540) 727-3207
 Location information

You may also sign up for Campus Alerts here.

(Student Accounts > Requesting Personnel)

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